Stores Like Accessorize

It was in London more than a decade ago that I fell in love with Accessorize on a trip. Having grown up in the US my accessories store was Claire's, and I found Accessorize to be much classier, and with a wider variety of things. Now it's located in the US as well (in the mall closest to me, actually!), and I love going there to look at what they have.

Here are a few stores that are like Accessorize. Some of these are stores that I'm affiliated with to help support my blog, but I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't love them.

  • Claire’s, like I mentioned, is the accessories staple that I grew up with. It followed me to prom and to many many college social dances.
  • Icing tends to be the most like Accessorize, I suppose. They have ear piercing services there as well.
  • Charming Charlie is ridiculous in terms of its selection, and if you go there don't say I didn't warn you if you end up getting lost.
  • Sam Moon is an online store as well as a giant warehouse in Texas with unbeatable prices.
  • H&M has some great jewelry if you're willing to wade through the chaos to browse there.
  • Forever 21 has a fairly good stock of jewelry again if you're willing to wade through chaos. And many end up being on sale.
  • Limited has a really nice jewelry selection, many of which go with professional clothes, which is much needed from my perspective.
  • Express is my go-to when I need professional jewelry.
Happy shopping!

Stores like Marshalls

I've previously written about stores that are like discount store T.J.Maxx, but I can't believe I've never written about stores like Marshalls! It's one of my go-to stores for discount clothes, but there's one complaint I have with them, and that is that they don't have an online presence. So when it comes to shopping from my couch, there are a few other online shops and stores that I gravitate towards.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments! Oh and I should mention just like I did when I wrote the post on T.J.Maxx that I'm associated with some of the links below, but wouldn't recommend them if I didn't absolutely love them. And frankly, it's not all of them--just a few. Hope you enjoy.

Nordstrom Rack is a store I really like for professional clothes. And they have a great online selection.

Joss & Main is one I adore for home decor.

One Kings Lane is also one I like for stuff for the home.

Cost Plus World Market is my go-to for interesting and unique stuff from around the world.

Ross, similarly to Marshalls, has a huge selection of things that people didn't want when they were in the major designers' stores.

T.J.Maxx needs no explanation, but I will say I really like going there for interesting dresses.

HomeGoods is home stuff.

Dot&Bo has really fun and funky furniture sold at a discount

Gilt has clothes worthy of your mom's fancy holiday meal or lounging around at home when you still want to look good.

Everlane has really simple, elegant design.

Ideel is top designers up to 70 percent off.

Touch of Modern has, again, some of the top designers but they discount everything. It's great especially for men's clothes.

Fab has awesome (and sometimes hilarious) gifts and home goods.

Don't forget the sale sections of:
Happy shopping!

P.S. Photo credit: Dana Robinson @ Flickr

Stores Like Land of Nod

Land of Nod has such an amazing inventory that I could just get lost in. They have furniture, bedding, toys, and more, and I love looking through their catalog when it comes in the mail. They always so inspire me.

Buuuuuuut they're a little pricey. I'm in love with their stuff, but can't always afford it and or there are sometimes thing that I want beyond Land of Nod. So here's a list of stores like Land of Nod that sell furniture, bedding, toys, and more. Oh and I should mention that I'm affiliated with one or two of the links on this list, but wouldn't recommend them if I didn't love them.

  • Restoration Hardware Baby and Child is something I just learned about. But I love Restoration Hardware and I love kids' decor, so what could be better?
  • Amazon is the source for just about everything, and they have a subscribe and save program for moms that is super great.
  • Ikea has very sweet furnishings and toys, and I always recommend it to my friends who are starting out furnishing a kids' room.
  • Pottery Barn Kids is the same Pottery Barn style, but scaled down for childrens' rooms. I once spent hours in there with my little niece, and really recommend it.
  • Target has some nice furniture and decor ideas for kids. You could totally get lost there looking through their kids section.
  • Garnet Hill Kids is the same high-quality Garnet Hill style for bedding and bath, but made specifically for children.
  • Company Kids is a store run by the Company Store that is geared just for kids.
  • Rooms to Go Kids is just what it sounds like--a one-stop shop for decor for kids' rooms.
  • The Children's Place is more clothing than furniture, but they do have some decor that I would recommend having a look at.

Happy shopping!

Stores Like Pottery Barn Kids

I have a niece who is the most adorable thing in the world, and she has a distinctive sense of style. When she was two years old (TWO!), she was impatient at a restaurant we went to. Rather than make everyone quickly finish their meals, I took her to a Pottery Barn Kids. No joke, she and I were in there for a full hour, and she was as happy as a clam. She kept picking out furniture for her room.

I don't have babies myself, but because of her I love decor. If you're looking for stores like Pottery Barn Kids, this list might get you started. I should let you know that I'm affiliated with a couple (not many) of the sources on this list, but I certainly wouldn't suggest them if I wasn't a ginormous fan. And feel free to suggest more stores and sources in the comments below.
  • Amazon has a huge range of items, from furniture to diaper changing station essentials and beyond. Basically, if you need it, Amazon has it. Plus, they have the fastest shipping this side of the Mississippi (whichever side you happen to be on).
  • Ikea cannot be ignored on any list of stores that carry children's furniture. I love how simple and low-cost their selection is.
  • Restoration Hardware Baby and Child is something I just learned about. Restoration Hardware? Love. Babies and children? Love. What could go wrong here? Nothing, my friends. Nothing.
  • Land of Nod has a lovely selection of furniture. I especially love their beds and sheets.
  • Company Kids is the kids' version of The Company Store, a classic furniture store for adults. Their kids section is lovely.
  • Garnet Hill Kids has really fun bedding, of the same great Garnet Hill quality.
  • Target is also a place you can go to find anything. Anything. Anything. And everything you ever knew you didn't want.
  • Rooms to Go Kids is a great budget source, and has everything you need for kids' rooms.
Happy shopping!

Stores Like Warby Parker

I just got glasses for the very first time. FROM AN ONLINE STORE. This blew my mind, actually. It was driven by necessity. My optometrist's featured glasses were ridiculously priced--like $200 over what my insurance was willing to pay. Warby Parker came to the rescue. Their whole process was so incredibly easy. I picked out glasses that I liked, they sent them to me in a sweet little box, I figured out the ones that I liked from the box, and then they did all the work of calling my optometrist and breaking the news to his very nice salespeople that I would not be buying their overpriced glasses.

I love Warby Parker, and would highly recommend them. But true confession: I also undertook this same process with two other companies on this list, and they similarly had great customer service and I loved the glasses (I tried Classic Specs and Fetch, if you must know). I just liked the Warby Parker ones the best, which is why I went with them.

The prices of these are generally under $100 for a pair (and often way cheaper), which is a far cry from the optometrist prices.

Anyway, here's a list of online glasses stores like Warby Parker. I haven't tried all of them, but I really do like all of them. And I should tell you that I'm affiliated with a few of these (but not all of them), so if you end up buying some glasses, double bonus: you're supporting this blog, and I am so grateful!

  • BonLook is a highly curated source, with about 30 styles of European-inspired glasses. Plus, they donate a portion of their profits to Helen Keller International’s ChildSight program.
  • Lookmatic has a really nice virtual try-on feature, and I love that they started with a truly hipster soul.
  • Classic Specs are a true Brooklyn brand, with the address and presence at the Brooklyn flea to prove it.
  • Mezzmer thinks glasses make you look smarter and more creative. They were started just this year, and while I haven't tried them I do like their start up story.
  • Eyefly is like Bluefly but for your eyes. Enough said.
  • Collins Bridge is fairly "fashion forward." It's named for the bridge over their headquarters in Miami.
  • Eyebobs is so sweet. Sounds like a British firm, doesn't it? But it's not--they're from Minneapolis. And while they don't do at-home try on, they do have a presence in New York City.
  • The Monocle Order is for people who see glasses as art. They're an exclusive, members-only store. Let me know if you try them.
  • Tortoise and Blonde donates to Eye Care 4 Kids with their profits, and they are nothing if not consistent. They have two new lines that they release every year, and they are classic.
  • Fetch donates its profits to animal glasses. Just kidding. Actually, they donate profits to animal care and rescue. Again, great virtual try-on system, and I love the colors they offer.

Happy shopping!

Stores Like Claire’s

I got my first earrings at Claire’s, and endured the terrifying *click* of the piercing gun there. I think that the horror of the whole experience brought me closer to Claire’s (“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” am I right?). It was the only place that I shopped for jewelry for… um… probably about 10 years. Basically until I left home for college. So you can imagine that I was ready for some new stores to shop at once I gained a set of wheels and some financial independence.

Here is a list of all of the stores that I like that are similar to Claire’s. A quick note that I am affiliated with some of these stores, but I absolutely adore all of them—otherwise, there’s no way I would recommend them. Oh, and no one told me what to write. I choose my own content and opinions.

Icing tends to be the most like Claire’s on this list. You can get your ears pierced there, yes. And they also have an abundance of earrings and a huge selection of necklaces, bracelets, and more. Definitely check out Icing if you don’t find what you’re looking for over at Claire’s.

Charming Charlie has an absolutely enormous selection of jewelry, and it is organized by color. YES. BY COLOR. I could spend hours in that store. You can also find a descently good representation of their selection online, so have a look if you like stylish and affordable jewelry.

Sam Moon has the widest selection on the list. You could browse their website for a day and never see the same piece twice. No joke. In any case, if you’re looking for a gift for someone that looks awesome and doesn’t break the bank, Sam Moon should be your first destination.

Accessorize is like the British version of Claire’s, and with that comes a great deal of style and class. I’ve loved shopping there when I’ve taken work trips “across the pond,” and I love that they’ve expanded a bit into the US market.

H&M has some awesome jewelry—if you are brave enough to wade through the intimidating H&M crowds to get to it. If you don’t feel like enjoying a while at H&M, just shop online. Sometimes they’ll even give you free shipping.

Forever 21 has a good stock of fairly inexpensive jewelry that looks great on. It takes a bit of work to shop there—in my opinion—because you have to look really closely for good quality. But there are only a few times I’ve been disappointed, and I’ve gotten jewelry there many times.

Limited has a jewelry section that should not be overlooked. Plus, many times I’ve gone there they’ve had some really good sales.

Express is probably my go-to source for more professional jewelry. And while it’s much pricier than Claire’s, the jewelry is built to last you much longer. So worth a look if you haven’t been there recently. They have a lot of great stuff this season especially.

Happy shopping!

Image credit: TenPoundHammer

Stores Like Charming Charlie

When Charming Charlie came into the mall near my in-laws, I went there on one of their first days. And I was not disappointed. They have lots and lots and lots of absolutely gorgeous jewelry, organized by color (I love when things are organized by color). They’re only in a few locations, though, so when I returned home after that trip I was determined to find other stores like Charming Charlie. Here’s my list, and a disclaimer that I’m affiliated with some of these links, but I absolutely would not recommend them if I didn’t like them.

Claire’s is where I first got my ears pierced, so they always hold a very special place in my heart. You can always find jewelry for low prices there. It was also my go-to store to accessorize for prom and homecoming when I was in high school, and from what I’ve heard very little has changed in terms of the place Claire’s holds in the hearts of those who love it.

Icing is quite similar to Claire’s, and no, it’s not the name of a cupcake shop. They have absolutely lovely earrings, and some great other accessories. Take a look and see what you think!

Sam Moon has a physical location in Texas, and while I’ve never actually been there, their online store never disappoints! I often find Christmas gifts there that I absolutely adore, and again at super low prices.

Accessorize is a British chain, but has grown to include an American presence. They’re a bit more upscale than some of the other stores on my list, but so worth a browse if you’re looking for more quality jewelry.

Hot Topic can admittedly be a little trashy at times, but when you’re looking for inexpensive jewelry, it can be a good source. I’d say that if you’ve exhausted the other stores on this list, Hot Topic should be your next stop.

Express has a great jewelry section. Again, perhaps a bit more upscale than Charming Charlie, and higher prices, but often you can find a coupon for Express to make things more palatable for your wallet.

Limited has some great sales on jewelry. While they’re not necessarily known for their jewelry selection, I recommend a look there if you’re wanting something nice. Plus, if you tell them your birthday they send you a coupon in the mail—what more could you want?

Forever 21 has cool jewelry—very stylish. They’re always on-trend, and while I don’t think many of the pieces I’ve gotten at Forever 21 have lasted more than a few years, I can say for sure that most things I’ve gotten there have gotten great compliments.

H&M had to make the list. Their jewelry section always seems to be complete chaos, but if you can either shop online or can endure the chaos, they have some very cool, well-designed pieces.

Happy shopping!